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SRT8 exhaust

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Exhaust from 2010 SRT8 with auto trans (not sure if it matters). Removed with ~200 miles. Will not ship this one but can meet in East Texas or Houston area. Tips NOT included but can be available for a little more.

Asking $100

Correct pics added this time..
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Removed pic, realized it was of the wife's RT exhaust and not my SRT exhaust. Will get pics this weekend and reduced price.
added the correct pics and reduced price.
Replied to pm....isn't the pics on here the r/t still?
How much do you want for just the tips?
Don't want to split up the package. I had actually planned on keeping the tips as spares but will sell with exhaust for $125 local pickup.
Complete package with tips for $125
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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