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SRT8 Style Spoiler for Dodge Challenger

This SRT-8 style spoiler is made from ABS plastic just like the factory models, but for less than half the price. With the spoiler, you'll get a template and hardware you need for an easy installation. The spoiler comes with a lifetime warranty on the part itself and a 3 year warranty on the paint (if you decide to purchase it pre-painted from us). This spoiler sits about 3 inches tall and does not come with an SRT8 badge, nor does it have a flat area on which to install a badge.
Choose between primered or fully painted versions below. Fully painted versions are coated with primer, three coats of Dupont paint, and two coats of clear coat for a smooth, factory appearance. Please check your paint code carefully if ordering a painted spoiler. The paint code is located on a decal that is visible when your driver's door is open. Primered spoilers usually ship within one business day, and painted spoilers are usually in stock and ship within one business day, but if we have to paint one, it will ship within 2-4 business days after you order.
The Challenger Spoiler from Dodge is only available in Flat Black. To offer you more choices, we are offering all body colors listed above.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The SRT8 emblem shown in the photo above does not come with our spoiler. You can buy one at any Dodge dealer.

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