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It Ain't Bragging If You Can Do It - Are YOU Ready to Run With the Big Dogs?

Saturday, November 1st 2014
14th Annual Southern Super Heavy Shootout
Atlanta Dragway - Commerce, GA
You're big enough - at least 4,000 pounds for car plus driver;
You're bad enough - room to zoom and rear wheel drive;
Then here's your chance to prove:
- You can outrun the cops, or the car they were driving - without
putting points on your license.
- What really happened on Grapevine Hill when the Hot Rod Lincoln met
that Cadillac.
- Whether a Heavy Chevy can put the "Cry" in Chrysler.
- That, come Thanksgiving, the real turkey at your house will be on
the table, not in the garage.
- You can drive faster than you talk.
Go to the Web Site and see what it's all about.

Stop by the boards and do some bench racing and talk some smack to your
competition from the Bowtie, Blue Oval, Cadillac and Mopar rivals.
Southern Super Heavy Shootout
Talk it up and make your plans, but don't wait too long to pre-register...

See you at the track!
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