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Good morning,

my challenger was equipped with an STX Suspenssion when obtaining it.

The preowner had put it in 7 month prior i getting the car.

He was telling me, that the shop had massiv problems with the rear damper, ordered them 3 times from KW on warrenty.

After this, I always have noises during very low speed in the parking lot , sounded like rubbing something

When I noticed, that the right fwd damper was the culprit, KW only wanted to selling me 2 new ones with new springs even though they only have 3tmiles running.

Now, after 5 month and only 100 miles later, the dampfer making that little noises I first ignored myself.

After changing again, all of that wierdo sounds are gone.

When pull and push the strut of this damper, I can feel a lost of friction.

Have anyone also trouble with KW in the challenger ?

Or is it, as always, my bad luck ?


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