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We have been off the net for a while, as we had to scale down the shop to move, and then the time it took to get back up and running.
Just got the new shop up and going and we are going to be doing some specials. Im posting the Kenne Bell special now, and I will be posting the heads and cam specials up in the morning.

Kenne Bells installed and tuned OTD for the LC/LX platform :
2.8 S Kenne Bell installed and tuned 6.1 engines (includes Dyno Time) $7800.00
LC add 299.00
Polish add 600.00
5.7l add 400.00 (fuel rail and mods for plate)

Please email any and all questions to [email protected]

Please Check out the new website (still updating)

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This is a great deal, Adam ran a similar special last year and I jumped on it with no regrets.

Its, a one day turn around. Its a whole new experience driving one of these cars with a Kenne Bell on it.
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