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The Challenger is notorious for not being the most stable in cornering. I have 2010 Rt and wanted to take it to a drivers ed course they have near me for Porsche owners. But I didn't want to slop all over the place, so what mods can I put to help keep this monster stable?
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I have raced mine at Thunderhill and I have the Mopar sway and strut and also a HopNot kit (stage 1 & 2). She handles quite well and I plan on racing her quite a bit more at HoD HPDE and NASA events. There are a few more things I can do to strengthen the rear and body in general, but I'm quite happy with where I'm at and how she performs. I've been given thumbs up on how she handles by my instructors so ...

Look into Hooked On Driving for more HPDE stuff to do with your car.
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