Just sold my current challenger R/T for a hellcat. Will be keeping the hellcat on 20s as I want to run Drag Radials and there is non for 22s that fit our cars stock.

Rear tires (295s) are brand new literally a couple hundred miles on them. You can still see color markings on them as well as provided receipt

Front tires have plenty of life left in them and can easily go another 20k miles

Rims are not perfect but are in good condition. they look amazing on these cars as you can see in the pics and 22s don't look to big at all on these cars.

With 295s these cars grip way better then the stock 245s. You can actually launch and hit 0-60 in 4.9 in an R/T compared to high 5s on stock tires/rims

Lettering is also done by tire stickers in Van Nuys and make them stand out.

Overall great looking rims in good condition and if you went and did this all you would spend well over $3k.

TPMS are in all 4 tires. Our cars are auto learn so nothing needed more then just swapping rims and driving

I'm asking 1000
Local pickup only as shipping would cost too much