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Standard Oil Pressure and Temp?

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I know the oil pressure fluctuates depending on load but what should the pressure range typically be? Also the high operating temp?
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Engine oil and local climate will affect PSI numbers in a not-insignificant way. With that in mind, I will say that for the typical 5w-20/30 and most 10w-30 engine oils these Hemi engines will run when operated in a temperate climate, the oil pressure will be 55-60 psi at morning startup and settle down into the 33-37 psi range when fully warm and idling in traffic.

As far as oil temps go, the expected high side range ostensibly when fully warmed and lubricating/cooking an Hemi being driven in stop and go traffic, will be about 20-30F above engine coolant thermostat’s temp.

So if running the 203F thermostat, expect oil temps to hit 220F easily in stop and go traffic on a Spring afternoon, and 230F pretty quickly if stopping and going on a Summer afternoon in the South.

If the thermostat has been changed to a lower temp one, and the cooling fans’ temp adjustments made accordingly, those upper oil temps will adjust downward by about the same amount in my experience* with the 5.7L in my car when operated here in Texas.


* - I should make note my engine has the oil cooler and larger radiator/extra capacity cooling system like what comes in the 6.4L equipped cars.

(Unless tracking or racing the car, I’m not sure those things make a lot of difference in the oil temps, but I did want to make a note of their presence for comparison’s sake.)
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