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Went to the Starlite Car Cruise in Wexford, PA. today, June 3rd.
This cruise happens every Friday.
Went with a group of 3 Challengers.
There was a total of 18 new Challengers there.
Everything was represented from a SE, R/T, SRT8, Mopar 10, and IE392.
I only got a few lousy shots, as my good camera wasn't charged.

Our little group with 3 R/T Classics and 2 IE 392.

A Hemi Orange Classic with a TorRed SRT Ken Bell in the top right corner.

A Plum Crazy Classic with the aftermarket chrome bumpers and trim installed.

2 more I didn't get a chance to meet.

Didn't get pictures of the rest.
Nice turn out for the Challengers.

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