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Would like to let you guys know, today was start up day , after putting in my new forged pistons and rods, over this weekend heads went back on and all the other parts to complete the build.
took out the fuel pump fuse and fuel rail fuses and primed the engine with oil , got the oil pressure up
put back in fuses and then thought its now or never!!
cranked it and fired up !!
after all that time checking and double checking I`m proud of what I`ve done !!
just to hear my baby tick over............... well worth it
just going to keep the revs down and run it in
thank you guys out there for all your help really appreciate it
will keep you posted on the next part after the next say 800 to 1000 miles to bed it in then supercharging it
thank you all

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Congrats, nice accomplishment ;)

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