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Steam from under hood dulled clear coat

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I just bought a 2015 Black R/T Plus almost perfect condition, but where you open the hood, the paint looks like the clear coat is gone. The area is about 4 inches long and rounds off like a rainbow...I know, odd. I showed the salesman where I got it and the body shop said it looked like it had been drove under something and buffed it out. Looked good. After going thru the touchless car wash, I noticed steam coming up from under the hood and over the exact same area the paint was dull. And is dull again. Anyone else have this happen or ideas about what to do???

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If you lightly rub your finger over that area from good to bad and back, can you feel any difference in the paint surface?

My initial thought is that the clear coat has been burned through by someone using a direct drive polisher, holding it too long in that spot and causing permanent damage.

But that is merely a guess, and it is just as likely not to be an accurate guess as anything.

More info needed to really diagnose...
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