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Stock SRT tire set-up

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I finally need to replace the tires on my 09 SRT. I've searched alot of threads and it seems like if I want to go larger I either need to 1) replace the wheels, 2) lower the car, or 3) deal with a lower profile tire.

My SRT is my daily driver and I think the suspension is great. Although I can see the benefits of lowering it an inch. Right now thats not an option so in an effort to get a larger foot print and fill the wheels wells (a bit). I was considering:

front: 255/45R20
rear: 275/45R20

Anyone see this set-up or know it it will work?

I've seen the 245/40R20 with 275/40R20 set-up and the car looks really high IMO and will really need to be lowered to look right.

Also having a hard time finding matching sets of street tires. Can't do the drag radials or something close. No benefit for back and forth to work and tearing up the streets on weekends....ha-ha
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