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Stones hit windshield

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Last week, my brother and sister-in-law come for a visit from Vegas. Took my sister-in-law for a ride in our Challenger. Then I let her drive the car and we were heading home. All of a sudden, the windshield was hit with about a dozen small stones. I was startled and P.O., but don't know where they were thrown from. Got home and checked the windshield an saw about 8 small marks on the windshield. Called the insurance and got a claim number and went to a windshield repair place and was told that the marks were only on the surface and didn't need repair. So I cancelled the claim. Now I kick myself in the azz for not getting it replaced.
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You let your sister-in-law drive the car? She must be good looking!? :icon_wink:

Doesn't sound like it was her fault. I feel your pain though.

No good deed (allowing someone else time behind the wheel) goes unpunished. Sorry to hear it.
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