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Hi Guys,
I recently purchased a 12 R/t Classic with the super track pack.
I love the car! I would like it to be a tad lower.
what do you think? I have been looking at the
Eibach Pro-Plus Suspension Kit 28111.880.
I can't find anywhere how big the sway bars are in this kit.
Since I have the Super Track Pack would it be worth it to upgrade these
sway bars? I read on here that the rear is 20mm on the STP but I can't find the
size of the eibach sway bar. Should I just do springs?

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I don't know what Eibach is for the latest iteration.

One member got Hotchkis swaybars - 38mm front and 22.3mm rear for the '11-'14 Challenger spec.

The Eibach parts are good - I also recommend their Pro Dampers (they sell the springs and shocks as a kit)...more suited for lowered suspensions.
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