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Strange key fob problem wtf

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OK over the years I've read all kinds of key fob problems here, but this is a little different.
So I have a check engine light on, I pulled out the push button start and put the key fob in and did the on off cycle to get the code . I put the push button back in . All was fine. took a little day trip the next day, no problems, came home and the next day went out to the car. I noticed that I put the push button in upside down. OK no problem, took it out and put it back in right side up. Went to start the car and No key detected came up. Tried it several times , and no go, same message. took out the battery from the key, put it back in and it started. turned it off and tried it again and the same thing, no key detected. Ok , changed the battery and it started one time, next time no. At one point the message said damaged key fob. Just for the hell of it, I took the push button back out, put it in upside down again, and it starts every time, no problems at all. So I left it that way for now.
So what do you folks make of this one??? :ugh2:
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I had some weird problem like that thsi morning one my way to work at the convenience store I stopped at to get lunch. Tried to start car kept getting no fob detected and when I pushed the button it would either say auto, run, accessory or off and no key fob detected and wouldn't even try to turn over. Then when I got out of the car to try the remote start the damn panic alarm kept going off, fought it for about 15 minutes with everyone looking at me. Finally gave in and pulled out the manual and found out it must have been because I didnt have my foot on the brake, when I put my foot on the brake it cranked right up normally. Just my second day with the car and I thought I was gonna have to miss work and call the dealership, my new lesson for the day, "read the damn manual!" LOL!
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