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Super Charging the 2011 392?

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How much boost can you run with almost 11 to 1 compression?
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The question should be: how much boost can you safely run without blowing a stock short block? Answer: Probably no more than 8 psi.
11/1 is pretty high, while stock 6.1 engines can run about 9 psi safely, it is more limited on them as the 6.1 tends to exhibit stretching of the head bolts at that level and bleeds combustion gas into the water jacket. Initial signs are elevated cooling temps and puking coolant out of the overflow tank.

With 11/1, I would venture to say no more than 7 psi, and you would certainly want to be agressive with water/meth spray which might allow a bit more.

The bigger issue for a 2011 is the fact that tuning is not available, and due to the changes in its vehicle architecture, it may be some time before anything is available. The 2011 is a hybrid system using some of the old CANbus from 2010 and earlier, and the new FlexRay system from the 2011 300 and Charger systems.

While the 2011 Challenger "might" still use the NGC4 controller for the engine, there have been significant changes in regards to the combination and/or replacement of other controller modules and the communications protcols and even the OBDII port wiring is different.

If you have a 2011, I would not contemplate any major modifications until it is known when and what kind of tuning will be available.
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MagnaCharger has a 392 right now. I know they were trying to put some miles on it before they started the R&D so I'm not sure how long it's gonna take.
Better question should be, is there any way to tune for boost on a 2011 yet?
Answer, not yet!

Shouldn't be too long.

If you want to know about boosting 11 to 1 motors, check out the new 5.0, or the LS7, both of which are 11:1 or better, and respond very well to superchargers.
Here's a little teaser for everyone :thumbsup:. Soon, very soon.

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Magna how much boost will your stock 392 kit push?
Here's a little teaser for everyone :thumbsup:. Soon, very soon.

Oh snap! you guys don't waste any time. First in this market will make some serious dinero.:guiness:
A Maggie on a 392 Hemi. Lord help me hit the lottery. I swear I would donate some of it.
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