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Yeah if you have the money, I'd definitely go for a supercharger because buying bolt on will sure add up quickly! BUT you can run low to mid 12s w/o a supercharger.

This is what I've done, and my best is a 12.45 with a 15mph headwind..some of the things you can find cheaper though.

MBRP catback=$900 (I think thats what I got it for lol)
JBA shorties=$330
Catless mids=$270
Custom tune=$500
K&N drop in filter=$40?
two 17x9" rims=$380
two 275/40/17 MT ET=$420

Hoping to get some welds all the way around though now, should cut unsprun weight down by about 70 or so lbs. (which is pretty big) After that, I'd like to get a LSD rear along with a 3000-3200rpm stall. These should give me around another 2tenths in the 1/4mile

two Weld skinnies w/tires= about $1,100+
two Weld rears=$984

Grand Total=$6600+(if you went straight ahead and bought weld rears, instead of buying cheaper rims lol) for low to mid 12s

So in the grand scheme of things, I'd push for the SC. If I had known I'd get this much into it, I would have been saving a long time ago! lol
But the mods I'll be adding on from now on, will go nicely with a SC (whenever that time comes lol). I actually just bought some Brembos, so my car will be fully rear for an extra 100hp+ lol
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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