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Surface Tension: How it affects vehicle cleanliness & topical protection durability

Throughout my time on this, and many other forums and countless FB detailing groups through the years I have seen the partial or whole discussion of how topical protection work and how long they last for.

What has been missing from most of these discussions is the information behind HOW topical protection from a ceramic nano coating, sealant, or traditional wax function.

Since this information has been missing it has caused a lot of assumptions or mis-diagnosis of product durability, effectiveness, and maintenance procedures.

Therefore, in January 2017 the following article was written to help aid enthusiasts and professional detailers in their understanding of surface tension and how it relates to the ongoing maintenance, diagnosis, and trouble shooting of potential surface issues with their vehicles:

Surface Tension: A Discussion of How Wax & Automotive Ceramic Nano Coatings Function in Auto Detailing

Enjoy, its got a few words to it. :grin2:
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