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Can 2011 struts and springs fit on a 2015 challenger?
The springs may fit, but I doubt the struts will bolt up. And since the strut assemblies in the front include the coil springs as part of the assembly, that likely precludes the springs as least in the front.

One way to look into this and verify they will or won’t work is to use one of the online auto parts websites to shop for some springs and struts for one of the cars you are talking about (I’m assuming one is a donor of the parts and the other is the recipient).

Pick out some different brands and modes of the suspension components in question, and then add them to your shopping cart on whatever site you’re using.

Then print out that shopping cart making sure it lists all of its contents you’ve added, including the parts’ stock/part #.

Now clear the cart and change the vehicle you are shopping for to the other one not used for 1st shopping spree.

Go pick the same brand and mode parts again and add them to your shopping cart. Print out that shopping cart, making sure to list its contents as well.

Now go compare the part numbers from the first printout to the part numbers in the 2nd printout.

If they are the same, the answer to your initial question is “yes”, but if they do not match, the answer is likely “No” to your original question

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Welcome to Challengertalk ;) A 2011 R/T and a 2015 R/T share the same front struts and some springs

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There are many, many different front spring choices

And rear shocks and springs

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Can verify - I'm running scat pack suspension on my 2011 R/T with no issues, so it should work in the reverse order. No modifications were needed.
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