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Upgrade Options (Coming Summer of 2018)

The Trinity 2 MX is the most advanced gauge display on the market, however, some car, SUV, and truck owners want to add power, mileage potential, and improved drivability. With the T2 MX, you are not stuck with just the best gauge display as it is upgrade-able into a full-featured, tire roasting, Trinity T2 EX performance tuner. The T2 EX upgrade is available anytime on our Internet update software store. Now your device can grow with you as your needs change. The upgrades options will be released during the summer of 2018.

EAS Expandability (coming soon)

Having the best gauge setup on the market definitely satisfies the needs of most. The Trinity MX has the ability to go way beyond that with the Expandable Accessory System. The EAS product line allows you to add basically any sensor you can think of to your T2. Wideband O2 sensors for your custom-tuned car or truck, EGT sensors for your diesel-powered towing machine, and basically anything you can think of that you want displayed on your monitor, the T2 can handle it. Now you’re not limited to buying bulky analog gauges because the vehicle manufacturer forgot that one important parameter that you need to keep an eye on!
This is the Trinity, not the T2

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