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Its crazy how much more "modern" the 2014+ Darts and Chargers and the 2015+ Challengers are over the -2014 Challengers.

Sometimes it bothers me because I really love my 14 Challenger but some of its tech is just dated.
It was a similar sentiment when the '11 Charger and 300 got a refresh compared to the Challenger.

Those cars received the 8.4" uConnect screen while the Challenger had the older 6.5" 430/430N and 730N touch screens.

Chargers had the "race track" led tailights and the Dart came along with that similar design.

The '14 and earlier designs date back to the first series Charger / Magnum interiors that stated off in '05 / '06.

There were some tweaks (center stack) for the Challenger, but to keep costs down in development and lot of things shared from the existing cars went into the design of what it came out with for '08.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts