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Tar removal on Chrome Clad Wheels?

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Hi Gang,

Took my R/T out for a cruise last night, and this morning when I was giving it a quick detail, I noticed tar flecks on my chrome wheels (there was a patch of road that said 'fresh oil' but I couldn't avoid it). There were a few random spots of tar on the quarter panels, but Meguiars Quick Detail, a microfiber cloth and elbow grease took it off, however it's not working on the wheels, specifically the rear driver's splattered on there really good. Can I use a bug and tar remover on factory Chrome Clads? Not sure if there is a clear coat or anything I need to be worried about, last thing I want to do is damage them.

Any advice is appreciated, my OCD is kicking in and I want this tar GONE! :(
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Most bug and tar removers should be ok. Whenever I’m doubtful of a product or a surface (with a product that otherwise should be “ok”), I take my time and check my work/results often. Personally, I would place some on a non-marring towel and then apply to one of the specks of tar. ….let dwell for a moment and then check (repeating as necessary and inspecting often).
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