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Looking to do some upgrades to my 2015 challenger 392 SRT. I’ve came across a lot of r/t models going with the Tazer mod to unlock the srt pages. Does this mod work for existing SRT‘s or give them anything new?

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Check out the Burn Box.

- Alexis

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The tazer should also provide:

  • easy out (moves seat during exit/entering)
  • windows up/down with key fob
  • cooldown (turns rad fan on with KOEO)

If you enter your year, make, trim in Zauto's Geniuss it list these things....although some of what they list is not applicable or you already have.

1Can enable factory sport mode for 8 speed vehicles- changes PRNDL to PRNDS
2Can enable SRT performance timers in EVIC dash display
3Can enable support of added factory paddle shifters
4Can enable the addition of factory fog lights
5Can disable Tire Pressure Monitoring System warnings
6Change cluster splash screen theme
7Can disable Tire Pressure Monitoring System PSI settings
8Can calibrate speedometer for non-factory tire sizes
9Can enable/disable Daytime Running Lights and can select lights to use
10Can enable the addition of factory or aftermarket backup camera
11Can enable the addition of aftermarket front camera
12Can enable the addition of AUX video source
13Can enable in-motion navigation address entry
14Can disable SiriusXM TravelLink-disables popup weather warnings
15Can disable Daytime Running Light Dropout (when DRL shuts off while turn signal is on)
16Can disable Fog Light Dropout (when fog lights shut off while high beams are on)
17Can disable Seat Belt reminder chime
18One-touch return-to-stock- Quick "unmarry" function returns all vehicles back to stock.
19Line Lock- uses ABS solenoids to lock the front wheels for burnouts at the track or just for fun (AWD forced off during use)
20Light Show mode- 6 preset and 3 make-your-own light shows that flashes all exterior lights, perfect for all car shows.
21Control light shows from Key Fob
22Control light shows from steering wheel buttons
23Control light shows from menu
24Cooldown mode- Turn engine fans and/or intercooler pump on demand when the ignition is on, engine is not running- good for the staging lanes at the track
25Can remap ACC button or added "aux" buttons to many of Tazer's functions
26Clear CELs- Reset that pesky check engine light. Good when you have mods that set the light and you know exactly why
27Force RWD mode- for AWD cars/trucks, can keep in RWD or AWD, or return to normal automatic operation
28Fully disable/re-enable ESP/Traction Control by pressing and holding ESP button
29Peak RPM Display- Displays actual peak recorded actual shift RPM at every shift when in this mode
300 to 30 and 0 to 60 Timers- Displays 0-30 or 0-60 times on EVIC display
31Boost Gauge- Add the Hellcat's boost gauge to the dash and Uconnect
32Reset Adaptives- Reset TCM learned shift adaptives on-the-fly
33Firmware updates- New firmware is available periodically, always free and posted to the Z Automotive website. Use ZPU programming utility, also on the website, to load the firmware
34Enable/Disable CD (wired audio) input
35Can use backup camera and added cargo/front/undercarriage camera or media player at any speed
36Allows the addition of two independent composite video sources and one stereo audio source
37Can enable factory Shift Light function
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