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Tech Tip Tuesday: BC1 Bluetooth ColorSHIFT Controller

ORACLE BC1 ColorSHIFT controller is a robust and rugged Bluetooth option that is very popular for its easy install, affordable price, and smartphone control! Perfect for adding ORACLE ColorSHIFT products to your vehicle, the controller features 4 outputs with waterproof connections for easy wiring to your ColorSHIFT lighting products. Through the smartphone app, you can turn your lights on and off, select from millions of color variations, control patterns, brightness, strobe function, and even control the lights with music.

In our Tech Tip Tuesday IGTV, our Product Specialist gives a brief overview of some of the most frequently asked questions about the BC1 including where to mount it, how to connect to your phone, and how to get the best use of the controller's capabilities. If you have a question that we don't cover, drop us a comment on Instagram or PM me!

Ready to add the BC1 to your ColorSHIFT set-up? PM me for our exclusive forum discount!

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