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So, in the long, seemingly endless, journey of looking for little things here and there to make my car my own. Not looking for anything to draw attention, but little subtle things to make people to do a double take.

I have a black car, so I only have two options, 1. Go chrome or 2. Machine/Satin finish. With my unique brain, it tells me that since the grill surround and interior already has the brushed look, to go that way. I love chrome, but think that it is over done or expected on a black car, because honestly, it looks sexy.

Anyway, the wheels that I am looking at, are a machine finish and that leads me to the fuel door. I was going to get a new black OEM one, until I saw the price, over 3 bills. I think that it is rather silly to spend money on that, and if memory serves correct, I thought is was more cost effective to powder coat/paint than it was to chrome. The chrome fuel door is under 200. So, when I get home, I was going to pull the fuel door off and attempt to give it the brushed look. If anybody has tips or how to's, I would love to hear them. Although, I may just get the door PC'd instead of buying a new one.

I sometimes wish that the mod/detail bug would leave me alone. But it hit pretty hard this year for both the car and the bike... :brickwall:
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