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Thoughts on the Concept Car

I decided to give my 2 cents as one who drove a 1970 Barracuda as a daily driver for ten years. And even ran pizzas in it back in the mid 90s! Can you believe it! Anyway here’s my take on it as I thought it, so it's not in any real order. Take it for what it’s worth,

About time the car industry decided to take a page from Harley Davison and go retro in a modern way. Whose guys are making money hand over fist with their 1960's bikes.

Center fill tank so you can fill the car from both sides.
Love the back seat and exterior. Don’t touch! Front seats look great!
The original didn’t have as much chrome on the inside on the dash. Look at the white face treatment that some people are having done to their original gauges. The dash looks a little too bright. I liked having the overhang on it and the little lights in it shining down on the gauges. It looked really cool, people always commented on it the 1st time they rode in the car at night.

Love the look of the turn signal and high beam indicators they really take me back.

I think the console around the shifter will look bad after you arm wears through the silver finish. I would like to see the console around the stick as an optional thing. It would make it look more like a muscle car if the stick came out of the floor with just a rubber boot at the base. That would open the area up around the driver a little I think. ( If the cups holders are there, keep it! The old 70 really needed that. Steering wheel is right on the money. Looks like the old tuff wheel. Great job.

In the original car my left elbow always seemed to ride in the hand hold of the door. Sore elbow on long trips. But they do look like dead ringers for the old ones.

I hope the telemetry thing is a prototype only gimmick.

Make the console around the stick shift optional.
AAR paint job? Yes, I know, Barracuda, but Plymouth isn’t coming back for one car so do it! Make mine lemon twist! Heck, think outside the box and just badge it as a Plymouth Barracuda and sell it out of the Dodge dealerships. Who says you couldn’t?

Smaller motored car T/A with AAR type strobe stripe maybe? Slight Suspension upgrades and exhaust out the sides? Give the smaller motor guys something to brag about?

Need all the loud colors available. Stripe kits (hockey, billboard, AAR, T/A etc) a dealer installed option?

The small Chrysler pentagram on the front fender behind the tire would look nice and would still be in step with the monochromatic finish of the car.

Where is the toggle switch for the headlights? Really need that to complete the “feel”. one that gives a good “snap” when you throw it just like the original.

Steering wheel looks great! Pistol grip needs some work. Doesn’t look like it would form to the hand as well as the original does, no finger groves.

Some people have said that the front needs D O D G E put on it but I think the ram looks perfect on the front as is.

The seat accents are ok, but I think embroidering like Chip Foose did on the challenger built up on overhauling and like in the new GTO would look better. (really nitpicking here)

The lower part of the car behind the back wheels really need to be chip resistant the back tires will throw stones onto the lower part of it. That’s why the later models had mud flaps on them. We don’t want a repeat of that!

Engine compartment:

Like the painted fenderwells, valve covers are good, manifold looks uninspiring,(no 6-pack etc) not sure what I could suggest as a fix for that though.

Turn signal indicators on the hood like the original would give it a devil or angry cat with ears back look. (ok, not sure about that one)

Advertise the car in a nonpolitically correct way that people think about using a car like this! The dodge duster guys showing up at the light with a beat up old challenger would be great! Racing at the drag strip! Show it beating a new Mustang or Camero! What would get people talking QUICKLY!

Anything that the aftermarket asks/needs to know to make performance parts for it give it to them posthaste!

Easy grill change, tail panel change and you have a Dodge Barracuda = More sales. Some gripes about “not a Plymouth” but I think even the die hard would accept that you wouldn’t bring back a whole division to make one car. Believe me someone will change one of these cars into a Barracuda so beat them to the punch Mother Mopar.

Above all don’t make me sell the house to buy it. Keep it down for the little guy! Not in BMW land! The GTO is already there!
Thanks for readiing
Waiting with bated breath


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I agree! I hope DCX doesnt price this car beyond the working classes price range. Too much over the price of a GTO, and Im out!

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That's what they said in the Hot Rod mag that I picked up yesterday said Mad Mike. Great idea. I hadn't thought about that. The Challenger was the more "upscale" of the two E-bodies back in the day. I think if they did produce it under the Chrysler badge that it would be a reverse of the old days. I'm just happy that someone is going to make a car that doesn't look like a jelly bean and uses the correct set of wheels (back)to push itself down the road.

While I don't think it is necessary to bring back Plymouth or even the Cuda. I think it would be a good thing for Mopar to bring back the Barracuda model. I think it would extend the appeal of the platfrom with a couple of cheap, easy body changes. Now we just need them to start working on the Road Runner!:D

Oh yeah...I had trouble getting the post in the correct area.:confused: First time poster! ;)
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