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To save you the anxiety it turned out to be nothing serious but for a moment or three...

Turned into drive at apartment complex. No real good parking spaces so I drove to the turn around -- about 100 feet in -- and headed out to the street.

Heard at first what I thought was an exhaust backfire but it was not happening on closed throttle but at while steady a light throttle.

Sort of sounded like one of the exhaust valves had opened up on its own accord.

No CEL. No warning message. No lights lit up.

Pulled out on the street and took off and drove at the posted 25mph. A thumping noise in "sync" with what to me was the speed at which the tires were rotating was now heard. Clearly not the exhaust.

Coming from right side but not clear to me from the rear or the front.

Pulled into my parking space and got out and checked both passenger side wheels/tires. Everything looked ok.

Headed out and down the street and not but barely 200 feet and the noise was just a bit disturbing.

Pulled into a church parking lot and got out and this time spotted these hanging from the passenger side front tire:

Asphalt Road surface Wall Cement Concrete

They were caught in and in line with the tire grooves. At first I thought some sheet metal had come loose and had gouged out a nice new tire groove and the above was the result.

But when I pulled them off the tire they proved to be just stuck to the tire in the grooves not part of the tire.

Not rubber more like partially hardened road tar.

Barely a mile before I got home I had just left a restaurant and in doing so drove on a newly repaved road. Must have run over some bit of soft tar and this got squeezed into the tire tread groove. Then after a short drive home became loose enough to beat the wheel well liner and cause the noise I heard.

All is well now with the Hellcat. Just a bit of drama to break up the drama.
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