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Tinted taillight questions.

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Hey guys, I was looking at tinting my taillights when I take my car in to be painted. I was wondering. Are the taillights still bright during the day? I'm assuming night shouldn't be a problem. Also if you do the entire thing does the reverse light come through easy?? Or should I just leave that untinted?
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I want my tail lights as bright as possible, that's why I went with sequentials, they "all" light up as brakes lights. Bright brake lights might stop from being re-ended, personally don't get the tinted light thing.

Me either. Tinting DOES make the lights darker, even if they still seem OK at night they're not as bright as they should be. Can't change the laws of physics.

I have no problem fiddling with decorative stuff for customization. I understand fiddling with functional equipment and improving its function. I don't understand fiddling with a functional part of the car and DEGRADING its function. Especially a signalling & safety feature.
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