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I only have 7000 miles on my 10 month old Challenger. The other day I ran over a bolt in the middle of the road and ruined a tire. Well since my other 3 tire are in great shape I didn't want to replace them all I just wanted to replace the bad tire. I looked every where for a good price on a tire and everyone wanted 180+ for a single tire, 245/45R 20 Firestone FireHawk GT.
I did some searching and found a place out side of Detroit Michigan that sells Take Offs at a VERY GOOD price. I got one for 105.00 shipped to my door. The tire still has the little knobs and the yellow stripe in between the tread. I measured it at 10/32 to 11/32 (11/32 is New)
I hope this helps someone out.

Uncle Ken's Tires Unlimited
15704 Telegraph Rd
Redford Charter Township
United States
(313) 537-1500
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