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Tire choice

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I've decided I just can't put up with the 10 spoke wheels on my car, so I'm going to replace them with Demon reps. We did a test fit of the 20x10.5 rears and I don't like the fitment - too far to the outside of the fenderwell - so I'm just going to go 20x9.5's all around and run 275/40/20's. The car is a 2019 RWD GT Performance Package car, so it weighs 200 pounds less than a Scat Pack. I'm just moving up to Reno/Sparks but will be driving down to the Bay Area (over the Sierra Nevada mountains) once a week to visit my mom and then go to work - a 500-600 mile round trip, so 24K miles a year just doing that on top of other normal driving. I'll drive in dry and rain, but I'll pick up something in awd/4wd for snow driving.

I do tend to put it through corners pretty hard and I'm also looking at doing Hotchkiss springs and sway bars.

Currently looking at the Conti DWS06 or the Nitto 555 G2 tires. Any other suggestions for something that has good tread wear (at least 300)?
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go to There you can search by your tire size and get a listing of different manufactures that have that size tire. I recommend Cooper Zeon RS3-G1
Those seem to have a very poor winter rating - my concern there is freezing temps going over the mountains even when there is no snow on the ground. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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