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This morning I decided to take a trip to the local ford dealer to try out the 2011 5.0. I have been doing some research on this car and finally decided to try it out for myself. The car that I tested was a race red 401a 6 speed with the Brembo, comfort package and 3:73 rear axle ratio.

First Impression:

I wasn't thoroughly impressed with the exterior of the car. It looked pretty basic but the wheels and brembos were nice. The trunk was a decent size but didn't compare to that of the Challenger.

The interior was nice but a little cramped (I'm 6 3). Everything was easily accessible though. It felt really sporty as opposed to the muscle car feel of the Challenger. It definitely wasn't lacking in quality. The backseat is an extremely tight squeeze. I found it a little difficult reaching into the backseat as well. This particular car did not have the Nav but did have the Shaker 500 radio with the sync. The comfort package included the dual electric, heated seats.

Once on our way the power was immediate. It actually caught me off guard a little because of the shorter throws of the shifter and the quick acceleration. I definitely experienced that "pushed in the seat" feeling and I didn't even have the car past 55. The car was very smooth and the shifts were as well. I could hear the rumble of the exhaust which wasn't bad for stock although I will say the 6 speed SRT8 sounds better.

I didn't get the looks or the thumbs up that I have grown accustomed to in my SRT8. I found it amusing that when I pulled into the lot in my Detonator Yellow several of the salesman and a few people walking the lot complimented the car and talked about how great of a job Chrysler did with the retro design.

Once we got back to the lot I went into the dealership and had them build me one to my specs just to get a ballpark of what it would cost me to have the 5.0 with amenities comparable to my SRT8.

I told my salesman Frank that I would like to get a price on a 401a in Ingot Silver Metallic with the following:

Brick Red Interior
Brembo Package (comes with 19 inch wheels)
HID Headlights (Security package comes with)
Glass Roof
3:73 rear axle ratio
Electronics Package
Pedestal Spoiler

He priced the 2012 (can't order an 11 anymore) at 41 and some change. If you add more bells and whistles like comfort package, Hood Scoop, Side Scoops you're easily at the 43 plus range. I paid 40 for my SRT8 brand new with 7 miles.

Overall, I was pleased with the 5.0. I can truly say that I had a better experience driving it than I did with the Camaro SS that I rented for a weekend trip (didn't want to put the miles on the Challenger). It's really all about personal preference. If you are willing to sacrifice trunk and passenger space and rockstar treatment :),for outstanding performance then I would get the 5.0. If you want good performance without sacrificing retro styling and comfort then I would go with the SRT8 or RT Challenger. As for me, I think I made the right choice...for now.

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Sounds like a reasonable assessment. I keep meaning to go drive one myself.

I too test drove a 2SS/RS Camero and was NOT impressed at all.

Surprised the price of the GT got up to low $40s so quick, but that glass roof is an expensive option I'd personally pass on. I see leaks down the road.
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