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My Valiant is on jackstands so the Challenger was the next option :)
I have changed the Tstat since I ran it last year and really like what it's did for the car. I was wanting a new best but it never went in the 1.80's in sixty foot, but it's still third best all time :) other mods are mopar CAI and preditor. I am still on stock F1s but plan on wheels and drag radials soon. Will a B-body wheel fit on these things?
Had two new camaros avoid me in the staging lanes lmao I was trying and trying but they were skeered lol. Best either one ran was 8.55 with a superchips tuner the slower one was stock. It went 8.80s
I think they should have got a MoPar ha ha ha!

I'm car number 001 and was racing a 70s camaro with a chick driving. When the tree went green she stomped it and it fell on it's face. After that I never seen her again :)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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