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Just had to say.....

Finally took the car out of the garage to drive for a change. Just washing and wiping and drooling just wasn't enough!

Started in Chicago, stopped in Cleveland, Ohio area. Will end up in Hershey Pennsylvania.

Averaging about 23 MPG in sixth @ about 80 MPH average. Expected a bit more but whatever.

Except for the absolute terror of parking the car, and the layer of bugs that just didn't make it out of the way all over the nose, (driving me nuts!!) :disgust: the driving (trip) is a blast.

The occasional (due to the wife sitting next to me of it would be more often than not) drop down to fourth and hitting it is just perfect.

I also find myself pulling into most of the rest stops...just to re-enter the expressway!! :notallthere:

The only disappointment so far was the Camero SS that pulled up next to me with nothing but open road in front of us, and I couldn't do a thing about it!! Again, the wife. Oh well, there will be another time.

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