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Hey Folks!
I think I have figured out why my trunk wont open with the dash button, but will open with the remote.
There is no trunk light, just a wired plug hanging where the light should be. The less than educated individuals at the dealership that fixed the MYGIG on my car took it off and lost it.
Now All I need is the part number or a place to order a new one from.
I understand I should probably need to go back to the dealership ( Chris Nichols in Tulsa OK) and demand a new one, but after 2 weeks of waiting for them to fix the MYGIG ( after I brought them the solution, if only the Star Scan was cheap enough to buy!!:icon_eek:) and them destroying one of my keys I would rather pay the money and get it done correctly be me.
Thanks in advance to all!!!
Take care and God Bless!!!
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