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This is worthy of a bump and a SERIOUS security problem. Today I drove the 2012 Challenger, bought something, and put it in the trunk, and returned home, locked the car, and emptied my pocket of the key and put the key in the normal place inside the house. A couple hours later I remembered the item in my trunk and walked outside and popped the trunk open and retrieved the item. Then I remembered the key was inside the house, probably 30 feet away.

This is a serious security issue and there must be a way to deactivate this feature. I certainly do not want the general public to be able to open my trunk whenever my key is within 30 feet of the car!!!

Is there a TSB or a fix?

Okay, I think I have "solved" this design problem. I was in the habit of exiting the car and just manually pushing down on the lock, rather than using the fob or external button. This method apparently leaves the trunk and car unsecure for reasons I cannot comprehend. But if you use the electronic fob to lock it, it then apparently arms the entire car including trunk.

So, it is now secure.
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