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So Ive been a member of this site since 2008. Bought 3 challenger r/t's 2009 which i ordered in july of 09, 2010, 2013

When I bought my 09 in July of 08, I called the sales mgr and he said give me 100.00 and i'll let you know what i can get you. I told him white r/t with 6 speed see what else you can get. I watched my car get build through the VIN system, and he called on Oct 31st saying in will be in on Nov1. Nov1, I did the paperwork, loan etc at that time drove away with a huge grin on my face.

Flash Forward: Buy two more, one in 2010, one in 2013. Trading each time.

Hellcat announces...oh boy....but everyone's thinking 79K Dealer doesn't know and wont comment they just said wait until announced. I asked can I get in line to order. They said ya for 1000.00. I asked why, when last time it was 100.00. They said that's what the owner wants. GManger says my word is good since I've bought 8 cars from him since 2002, (just recently a Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk last week!!!) I Think Ok....but not yet.

Price announced at 59K... oh boy...let's see, would dealer take my 70 t/a for a trade. NO.... they would help me in a Mecum auction. I don't want to deal with maybes/kinda sort of's and alot of ifs. I said you guys buy it, and you sell to Mecum..they said no. Now I hear they may not get a very large allocation. Maybe three, and now they want 1000.00 up front and full paperwork done prior. Then he said if you don't buy this car you'll be out 1000.00, but i said, you just said if you had 20 of these you could sell everyone of them. I said no, I've never done that before. Imagine 1000.00 up front, oh sorry no allocation, but we will hold your deposit until we get some hellcats but not in the color and configuration you want. I want .75% interest then. Better yet my 1000 bucks back.

Owner of course is on vacation, maybe on purpose.

Will try to sell 70 t/a on my own. (see avitar) I'm afraid my wife will talk me into a remodeling the two bathrooms with the proceeds.

Alot of 'frothing' out there from the dealers seeing green. We'll see whats around come March.

'Never give up, Never surrender!"
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