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I’ve got a bit of a headache on my hands.

Bought my used 2010 RT a few years back and haven’t made any modifications to it. Before I bought it, someone installed an aftermarket Pioneer DVD player, rearview camera, and remote start/alarm system.

I ended up disabling the remote start/alarm system by removing some black box mounted on the windshield. Can’t remember why, but it was bothersome for some reason. The rearview camera stopped working 1-2 years after I got it, unsure why. It had crappy picture anyways.

This brings me to the sounds system. It’s a Pioneer AVH-P4400BH and I’ve always hated it. The radio never worked except above 103.1 FM, mic was a dud so calls didn’t work, Bluetooth didn’t work.. super annoying.

Today I finally got around to removing it so I could replace it with ANYTHING else. Ended up being a pain because there were MANY confusing cables everywhere, stuff I don’t recognize from YouTube videos, and black electrical tape smearing all over my hands.

All these cables were interconnected, it was insane. I couldn’t make sense of it, and decided to cut off a bunch of stuff I’m pretty sure I didn’t need or could add back later.

And here’s where I finally reach my point!

I don’t understand what some of these things are. I’ve attached photos I took tonight. I see:

1) 2 brown cables adhered together. One was prolly hooked to power, the other is an RCA. Decently confident this goes to the rear camera I want to remove.

2) Black wire mesh wrapped around many multi-color wires, which connect to grey harness. Some cables coming from harness weren’t connected to anything. Blue and pink wires coming from the mesh were plugged into something else. There’s also some yellow/red female adapter.

3) Bundle of 4 clear tubes containing 2brown/1blue wires, all of it wrapped in black electrical tape. No idea what this is. I think they may be related to speakers, but unsure.

4) 2 black wires taped together and a red wire. I know a black and the red are power related… The other black wire was connected to a wire metal tube that split off and resulted in a RCA plug looking thing. All of this was wrapped in electrical tape. Might have been dumb cutting it off, but it was a mess.

5) Steering wheel control box thing. only like 2 wires were actually plugged in. Figured I could replace it later in order to make sense of the situation now.

I need your help!

What do I need to do to get these wires sorted out so I can get a new receiver that can play the radio? Is there a diagram available for all this, or a resource that explains it? Feels like I'm flying blind.


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