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Sorry for another tuner noob thread, but I've read the others and can't form a definite opinion...

i bought a 2013 srt M6 this summer and I've been enjoying the hell out of it. but wondering what a tuner might do for me. i'm familiar with diesel tuners and the huge gains that can be made there, but my understanding is with gas engines the improvements are less noticeable.

It had the following mods:
k&n CAI
rear muffler delete, mid muffler replaced with magnaflows
lowered barton suspension, tower braces, etc.

I've swapped the rears for 275/40 p-zeros

other than a catch can and 180 thermostat, i don't plan on any additional changes, maybe replacing the magnaflows as i think it could sound better/louder, but would like to leave that option open without getting into constant tuning/tweaking. really thinking of something more plug and play.

What do you think? is it worthwhile? from reading, i'm expecting it would improve/address:
throttle response
slight horsepower gain?
thermostat mod
i run 93 octane here
turn off traction control automatically on start up
my understanding is the 275/40's are a good match to stock, no speedometer adjustment needed?

I guess I'm looking for a "canned tune"? If i would make more serious mods, can this later be email updated?

any product recommendations and what am i looking to spend? And lastly is it worthwhile, or should i save my money for more useful mods?


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I'd say, unless you plan to do the email tunes, or do your own tuning with HP Tuners, it's probably a waste of money. You probably won't notice much with the manual transmission. My Trinity made no difference on throttle response. I pulled the tune, and saw first-hand that it made no difference. In fact, the canned Diablosport tune made very few changes. In my 2012 R/T, it helped with transmission shift points and firmness, but in the 15 SRT, it was basically worthless, except being able to turn off MDS, which you don't have, either.
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