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Hi everyone,

I recently installed one of Comp Cams' HRT Stage 2 Cams into my 2016 5.7. As many of you know I had a lot of issues with my remote tuning. I was getting stalling and surging coming to stops, and it was just a mess. The tuner (who is using Diablo with me) was able to give me a tune that made the car driveable but still not anywhere near perfect.

I am going to have my car dyno tuned later this month and I've heard that most shops like to use HP Tuners, which I've heard is superior for vehicles with more mods that require more customization.

My question is: How much do tuning credits for these cars cost? I need an engine and trans tune.

Also, does anyone have experience with Churches Automotive in Wilmington, CA? I'm thinking of going to them to get my Hemi tuned but I am also looking for suggestions in SoCal.
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