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I have a two UConnect 8.4 units (13 Challenger and 16 Ram Rebel) and frankly, I have no use for them....except that its the only place to see the back-up camera on the RAM. 13 Challenger has no back-up camera, so I don't use it at all. First thing I do when I pull out in the RAM, is turn the display off (handy button right below the screen) because it interferes with my peripheral vision while driving. The Challenger 8.4 screen-off is through some on-screen button I can never find, so I just taped a piece of black felt over it. I don't use the NAV, and I can't think of anything else that it does that I need.

Two questions.

1. If I wanted to pull the UConnect out of the 13 challenger, is there any functionality for anything in the car that I'd lose? I don't use it, so there's nothing I do now when driving that requires it, but I'm thinking more about for the next guy, when I trade it in. (Maybe I could keep it and put it back in before trade in).

2. Does anybody make an aftermarket radio/MP3 player unit that would plug right into the same hole in the dash with no fab needed to fill the gaps? (I do use the radio (not satellite) and play music from the Hard drive or USB stick. Would be nice to have an after market unit that would play music from the same SD card I used in my RAM. And one with a real volume knob that stays the same volume, no matter what the source is rather than changing when the source changes.
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