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The thread topic pretty much sums it up...

When I went to the dealer to buy my Challenger, I expressed to him how important it is to me to play my music through the radio, and if that was possible. He said sure no problem we just need to add a bluetooth module to the car. After an entire day of negotiating we finally settled on $181 for the bluetooth module to be installed at a later date. Well almost 7 weeks later, i took my car in yesterday to have it installed, been messing around with it all day to finally look it up online and find out its not A2DP compatible and actually only streams the phone call to the front left speaker. To top it off... I now have an added microphone on the drivers side pillar. I told the saleman specifically I do NOT care about making phone calls at all...

I feel like I didn't what I asked for, was mislead, and now I got an eye sore in my interior...

I guess the correct unit I need to do what I want is the REV units?

I'm not sure what to do, or how to handle this, and was hoping someone could give me some pointers or suggestions.

Thanks guys!
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