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I've searched the forums but haven't been able to figure this out:

With the recent over-the-air update to UConnect I've noticed that listening to music albums loaded onto my SDCard plays the songs in the wrong order. It looks like it now plays each song by Alphabetical order whereas it used to play the songs by the track number, which I believed was the norm. It is a bit frustrating, especially when I'm jamming to a song and expecting the next track to be a certain song and then a different one starts to play. I'm confused on the best way to structure the name, or track number, or title to get the album order to play correctly. Does the track number (ex. 01, 02) need to be added to each track name (ex. Track Name One, Track Name Two) in order for the order to be correct (ex. 01_Track Name One, 02_Track Name Two)? Is it possible there is a setting in UConnect, that I haven't found, that allows me to set it back to how it used to file all of my music?

Also, I noticed now when you listen to an album after the last song finishes it starts over from the first song in the album. UConnect used to go on to the next album instead. Now it will just continually loop the same album over and over.

I've identified the Alpha/Album issue but I know there are other changes made to sorting via that last update that mucked everything up for me. I haven't figured out what those changes are and I didn't see them listed in the release notes.

If anyone has an answer on how I can best sort the media on my SDCard I would greatly appreciate it. I want to make sure that, if I have to reformat all of my music names & tracks, that I do it right the first time because this is going to take forever. I worked diligently to get my music formatted correctly when I first got my car back in 2015 and now they've gone and changed it. Very frustrating.
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