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Hi all

I apologise in advance, i am not very good in forums and i dont know my way around them very well.

I am from the UK and purchased a 2nd hand 2013 Dodge Challenger RT. All was well until i took the vinyl wrap off and found damage to the front wings.
A deep dive has found that it was involved in a front end collision while in the US but was not declared to the 1st owner in the UK.
It has had a Salvage Reissue certificate, but the work is absolutely shocking. Things are leaking, loose, the steering rack creaks and one of the engine mount bolts is undone!!

My local mechanic will take the work on, but he has asked me for the following, and i wondered if you kind people could help me.
1. Parts diagram
2. Chassis suspension dimensions

He has also asked what type of metal the chassis leg is made from as this depends on wether it can be repaired, or if a new one is required.

I will need to purchase new parts as well, and i know not all places will ship to the UK.

Any advice, help will be very greatfully appreciated. I just want to drive my lovely Challenger and know its safe!!

You are welcome to e-mail me : [email protected] if it is easier?

Thank you all so much.

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sorry to hear about the bad 'discovery'.

The k-member (front cradle) is steel and the front rails this bolts to is steel as well. So you're not dealing with structural aluminum.

The only aluminum body part is the hood (bonnet). All other panels are standard steel.

There should be service manuals online that spec out the production dimensions for body repair / body alignment.
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