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Is "Upbadging" a car cool or not cool

  • Yes, it's cool

    Votes: 29 9.5%
  • No, it's not cool

    Votes: 277 90.5%
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no one thinks its cool...its a silly poll....only jokers will vote yes

im a strict believer here...i dont mind customizing, but am strongly against copying

i dont like copying my 392 stripes, rims, spoiler, etc

if you want to make it personal and want stripes make them different...dont try to make your SE or RT look exactly like a SRT...there's a fine line between copying and customizing...

putting RT badges on your SE is just sad and pathetic

not being able to accept that you couldnt afford a higher up model and pretending it is is just sad!(unless your 16 and then its just being a goofy teenager)
1 - 1 of 104 Posts
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