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Is "Upbadging" a car cool or not cool

  • Yes, it's cool

    Votes: 29 9.5%
  • No, it's not cool

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you know who you tools really should be bitching at, anyone who installs 43 lb rims on his car, how come that guy gets a free pass? it's so hard to take you guys seriously when that outrage doesn't even raise an eyebrow.
A few "tools" for your knowledge base...

- Wheels/rims. The original ("old school") muscle cars had steel wheels. Steel wheels are heavy. Add chrome (like many did back in the day with aftermarket wheels), and the weight goes up. The whole point of the Challenger is to represent the concept of a "classic muscle car." An aftermarket classic design style wheel on a modern muscle car an "outrage?" Lost me there - but maybe its something else...

- Chrome. Its heavy. Ever have a set of old school chrome steel wheels? How about those classic wire spokes on the old time roadsters? The chrome "mags" of the 60s and 70s? Those are some heavy
wheels. Point being - go chrome, add weight regardless of base material (steel or alloy). Then, countless "classic" and modern muscle cars, to include Challengers pictured on this forum, are wearing chrome wheels. Still not following the "outrage" theme. Perhaps another angle...

- Peformance. For performance, a forged aluminum wheel is about as good as it gets. Challengers come with them (SRT8 and R/T Classic). The Classic wheels are forged and polished aluminum with a
clear coat. The forged Alcoas on the SRT8s are very high quality performance wheels. If the prime consideration is performance, go forged - its a better wheel. But, again, lots of old and new school muscle cars are sporting chrome wheels, so let's try another perspective...

- Impact. The SRT8s come with a solid suspension and brake set up (THE prime consideration when adding wheel weight, since the unsprung weight adds stress to both suspension and brakes). Its a 16 lb difference per wheel with the Cragars over the stock Alcoas; nothing that will compromise the suspension or brakes in daily driving applications. maybe the "outrage" is representing the car as something it isn't?

- Point. This is an "upbadging" thread, and my car (the one you're referring to in your post) is accurately representative of what make/model it is. Its clearly "badged" as a late model Challenger SRT8. BTW, if you surf around this and other forums, you'll find I'm but one of many who run Cragar SS 610Cs on a Challenger. There's SEs, R/Ts, SRT8s and at least one 392 wearing them. None of those cars are improperly badged or otherwise representative of anything other than what they are either. I meant "outrageous" - as in "ourtrageously cool look" with those aftermarket wheels. Gotcha. Thanks for the compliment. I hope you're as happy with your Challenger as the rest of us are with ours. Great looking ride, I agree!
101 - 104 of 104 Posts
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