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Went in for my 2 week visit - They have been told that they believe they will get their allocation amount next week. They also still believe they will be able to put orders in the week of the 16th. Now I will be on vacation that week so I said I would provide them with my "specs" prior. This is the interesting comment - he said he doesn't expect to be able to "order" a car that Dodge will build spec cars and they will get what they get. He said e-mail him my desired order and if he can put it in that way they will - but of course I will be the first to know.

Now, they didn't do this in '08 - granted you could only order one of three colors and there were three other options (no manual) and that was it but you were still able to choose. Has anyone heard of spec cars being built and not being able to order desired options.

The saga keeps unfolding doesn't it. At least the deal of if he gets allocated (3) so two other than mine he will honor MSRP if not we'll see. I would say it is now a 50/50 chance I will be getting a first run car :dunno:
That sounds like you wont be getting a car "built for you", in other car that you gotta make a deal on when it comes in once the general manager drives it for a few months
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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