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2010 Challenger 6M- Brilliant Black, 426 stroker, Hellcat rear cradle, ZF 3.90 diff, DSS 1 piece
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So I have just about settled on a set of Hedmen longtube headers I found on summit, but wanted some input before I pull the trigger.
The criteria are 2" primaries, long tube design, less than $1k
The shop owner and I were logging some pulls on the dyno Friday and discovered that the 6.1 shortly SRT8 manifolds are definitely the bottle neck regarding flow on my setup.
The MAP stays at 100% (atmosphere) until the rpms get above 5800, then it starts dropping to 98, 95, 92 to to 6500.
I'll initially gut the SRT cats then upgrade to high flows later on.
This will be an absolute necessity later when I go forced induction...
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