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2016 Challenger 392 Scat Pack Shaker B5 Blue
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I’ve a 2016 Challenger Scat Pack Shaker 6-speed B5. I decided to upgrade to a 1970 style Hurst Wooden Pistol Grip Shifter. I purchased my shifter from ShifterDoc #3916020 $277.99. I didn’t want to change the OEM shifter base out to a Hurst base due to cost and I didn’t have a problem with the smoothness of the OEM shifter. So after removing the center console top part and the shifter boot (takes about 5 min) it gave me access to the OEM shifter. After removing the 2 bolts holding the shifter I figured out a way to bolt my Hurst to the bottom half of the OEM shifter Forming kind of a T figure. I picked up some 1 1/8” angle iron and cut a piece about 4” long and then cut the lower portion of the OEM shifter rod to about 3” and had them welded together. Then bolted everything together. The final results were great! Looks like a vintage 1970s Hemi Cuda/Challenger shifter and feels great! Definitely a great improvement.
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