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2016 Challenger 392 Scat Pack Shaker B5 Blue
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The other night I was caught out in the fog along the Oregon Coast while driving home. To say the least the OEM white fog lights were not getting the job done! After doing some research and from previous experience I started looking for some upgraded LED lamps in yellow which seamed to cut through the fog better for visibility. I ended up going with some H11 Yellow SLF LED Fog Lights from Diode Dynamics. These are rated at 780 lumens (Street legal output). They weren’t cheap priced at $120.00 + shipping. These are plug & play without any modification With factory replacement H11 bulb size. They come with a 3 year warranty With a 30 day return policy.

Installation: The demonstration shows about 15 min total installation, well for me it took about 30-40 minutes without removing the wheels to gain access to inner fender wells. After turning the wheels all the way to one side or the other you will need to remove 3-4 plastic plugs that hold the outer portion of the fender wells on. After removing/popping them out with a screwdriver/needle nose pliers you can pull the front portion of the fender well out to gain access to the fog lights. I had to use some good lighting and if possible try to use both protected arms/hands inside a small area to get access to the back of the lamp. Each lamp has a small harness over them with a red sliding lock. Push and slide the red piece back and pull the harness off the back of the bulb. Then turn the bulb in the holder I think counterclockwise and remove the OEM fog lamp. Then reverse the procedure and install your new lamps. When I removed the plugs initially from the inner fender wells I messed 1/2 of them up so I just picked up some new nylon punch rivets/plugs from the auto parts store (GM/Chrysler part #466180).

I‘ve not had a chance to try them in the fog but from appearance they’re definitely brighter. I know they’re expensive but worth every Penney if they save yours or someone else’s life someday! I’ve made several cosmetic upgrades to my Challenger but this is probably the most practical one ☝
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