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Hi all,

Just got back from the Parts Dept. at my local dealership with more questions than answers.

After a few months of debating what pads and rotors to buy to replace the originals, I ended
up deciding to use my Employee's Discount and just go for the stock pads and rotors. Even though
on my 2011 SXT, I had issues with rotor warp at around 30,000 kms (approx. 19,000 miles).

Ordered the new OEM parts because they didn't have them on hand. Waited a day and today I go to
get them, but someone had sold the new OEM pads I ordered right after they were delivered.

After a lot of shaking my head and not wanting to have to drive all the way back across town, the
parts guy suggested I go with the much cheaper v-line pads, (of which the front rotors and pads
come in a kit for $100 cheaper) so the front rotors, front pads and rear pads would all this v-line series
of part , with only the rear rotors being new OEM quality.

I ended up taking the cheaper option by going with the v-line parts, but after reading up on them I learned
that the "v" in v-line mens Value, and that they are repurposed parts, not exactly new.

My question is, is it worth spending the extra money on the true brand new OEM rotors and pads? Or are the
v-line parts just as good. I have a limited window in which to make a choice, so if anyone has any
information, or better yet experience it would really help me out!

Thanks everyone.

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